Cloud Desktop/App Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Desktop/App Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud App?

Cloud App allows you to run one of more citrical applicaitons centrally in the cloud. It gives you all the features that you usually get, but it's not running on your computer - it's running on ours. You connect to it with Internet Explorer. All you need is an Internet link.

What is Cloud Desktop?

Cloud Desktop is the same as Cloud App, but you connect to a desktop instead and you can run multiple applications including Microsoft Office and full Exchange email. A private link can be set up in your offices, and client software is installed on your PCs to allow you to connect to the server. The applications will look like they're running locally, but they will be running on your server in the data centre.

I have branch offices throughout Australia, should I use Cloud App or Cloud Desktop?

Either solution is available to you. It all depends on what programs are required to run locally versus centrally. A private network can be set up to allow all your offices to connect to the data centre and to communicate between each office. This will allow you to also use the network for VoIP communications and video conferencing.

Do I need specialist hardware and software?

No. You can use almost any type of computer to access our service. We can tailor your Cloud solution to suit your situation. Many of our clients prefer to have thin clients installed, taking this opportunity to phase out their PCs and upgrade their hardware. If you are not ready to do this, we can use your existing hardware, and connect the applications through to our data centre.

Can I still print to my local printer?

Yes. Your local printers will be automatically installed and setup when you first logon.

Do I have to purchase a license for the software?

Yes. Most software vendors require a license for each person that connects to their software. By hosting this application with us you must still adhere to the licensing restrictions of the software.

What about security and backups?

Data security and confidentiality are critical in today's environment. With Cloud Computing, because all of your data and applications are held in one location, applying security patches and backing up is quick and easy - compare the time it takes to back up and apply security patches to six PCs with how quick it is to apply this to one system!

Isn't allowing access over the Internet insecure?

Access to the servers over the Internet has some of the most stringent security policies and firewalls applied. Communication from the client to the server is encrypted by a 128bit encrypted tunnel. Every user is assigned a complex password and this recommended to be changed regularly. IP lockdown and Multi-factor authentication can also be setup if required. This will ensure that staff will only be able access the system while in your office.

How secure is the data centre?

The facility is protected by security monitoring, UPS, Generators, redundant air-conditioning, pass-key access, and comprehensive backup routines. Ask yourself how secure is a server located at your premises.

What sort of support does Axle Hosting provide?

Cloud Computing is great because, being all in one location, maintenance and support is centralised. Our staff can address any problems quickly and easily - usually without even having to go out on-site! We have a standard support fee for all hardware and software installed and maintained by us. Should you come across problems outside of what Axle Hosting have provided, we will still be happy to assist - although these will be at a fee.

A full list of our fees and charges are provided in our quotes, and agreed to by you before sign up.

How can you support me if my office is not located in Brisbane?

As all your applications and data is located in our data centre, we can fix problems much more quickly than a local support technician. The majority of you local PCs become dumb terminals and, if they break, they can be easily swapped with a spare. However, in unusual circumstances, we do have an affiliation with a company that has a network of contractors in most major cities that can be called upon at a moment's notice to assist if required.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

What are the disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

Can these disadvantages be overcome?

Yes. The service can be customised to suit your needs. This can be done by installing failover network links, allowing access to the desktop, or enabling the ability to download graphical files to work on them locally.

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