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Create a Mail Account

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  1. If you are subscribed to several hosting packages and have access to several webspaces associated with your account, in the Subscription menu at the top of the screen, select the required webspace.
  2. Click the Mail tab.
  3. Click Create E-mail Address.
  4. Type the left part of the e-mail address before the @ sign, and, if you have several domain names on your account, select the domain name under which the e-mail address will be created.
  5. Leave the Mailbox checkbox selected.

    Clearing this checkbox makes sense only if you want to use this address as a mail forwarder, which will forward all incoming mail to another address.

  6. Specify the mailbox size or use the default size defined by the provider's policy or your service plan.
  7. Specify a password consisting of five or more Latin characters.
  8. Click OK.


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